Hello from Geneva

Flowers to me are nature’s art. So simple and beautiful but also interesting, sculptural, colorful, fragrant (or not), bizarre, whimsical … they are here for us simply to enjoy and for anyone who appreciates the uncomplicated things in life, flowers are a favorite.

As a child we would visit my grandparent’s farm in the South and I would pick wildflowers and arrange them with my grandmother. Bluebonnets, Queen Anne’s Lace and Cosmos grew wild and we would hand tie sweet little nosegays together. I cannot remember a time that I didn’t adore nature and so decided to make flowers my choice of career. Excellent training at a floral design school in Aalsmeer, Holland as well as in Chicago, helped me develop my style and mechanics as a designer. I’ve worked in retail flower shops in Washington DC, New York City and Chicago, and have been fortunate to design alongside and learn from some incredibly talented people. Having owned and operated three retail flower shops in Arkansas and Chicago, it has now been more than 28 years that I’ve worked this industry, with the goal of creating designs that inspire and bring joy to the recipients. Working as a florist has been wonderful, challenging, exhausting, inspiring, hectic, fun, maddening and fantastic! I see my work as a way to serve others, and in return have received much joy myself.

We at Halsted Flowers hope you’ll give us the opportunity to design for you! We are thankful for each and every order and want our designs to represent you in every way. We will help you select flowers for any occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, thank you flowers, parties, wedding or baby showers, wedding ceremonies, client gifts, sympathy or just because, and we will design it beautifully for you!

~ Geneva Currin, owner of Halsted Flowers